Create share links on Subsonic servers that can make them

Feature description:

Yesterday Navidrome released 0.49.0 :tada:
And I have some requests regarding it.

I noticed recently that you added this share button inside the app (nice!) in the new release deluan added an initial implementation of share links, I’m wondering if Symfonium could make use of that and make the share button generate a share link from the Navidrome server.

Problem solved & Brought benefits:

I combined these two cause they kinda go hand and hand here. A major benefit is easier sharing of songs, in the request post that brought the initial share button to Symfonium is said,
“Everyone wants to recommend artists/albums/songs some day.”
Well, recommending doesn’t get easier than a listenable link haha.

Other application solutions:

DSub and Ultrasonic both allow shares like this. They both allow you to share individual songs, albums, and playlists. Ultrasonic also seems to allow you to set an expiration, or make use of the comment feature

This is how the links look, Top link without setting a comment, bottom link with one:

They also allow you to view currently active share links, which is also nice.


Screenshots / Mockup:

If possible please provide screenshots of your idea of the implementation or how other application do this.

I think you got the gist from the above screenshots, but here are a few more from DSub
Share song

Share album

Share playlist

Sorry but way too much tied to Subsonic.

No plans for that for now.