Crash on Android 14 QPR2

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First of, i want to mention that I’m obviously not expecting a fix for this. I’m the one running a potentially unstable OS and so the blame here is on me :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevertheless i wanted to report this in case this isn’t actually an issue with the OS, or in the hopes that it may be helpful otherwise.

Launching the App on the latest Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3.1, it immediately crashes. I have automatic crash reporting turned off in the App (i believe) and obviously no way of manually generating crash logs either. The crash logs I’ve attached are therefore the direct adb logcat output of running the app on my phone.

Sorry if this seems out of place and thank you for providing such a great App! Hoping this gets resolved soon at whatever piece of software is to blame :slight_smile:


Upload description: Logcat output of crash on Startup in Android QPR2 Beta 3.1

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Edit: I’ve tried reinstalling the app. Interestingly the crash does not happen on the first time I launch it. Only after doing the initial setup, closing the App and then trying to reopen it does it fail to work.

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This is a strange Compose bug, was able to revert and pushed a 8.0.0a version

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