Continuous Playback not working on Kodi Media Provider

Issue description:

Hi :),

i’ve noticed a problem with the continuous playback using Kodi as media provider.
When i play an album, on last track, the next track button is disabled and when the album finishes instead of beginning the random selection by genres or other criterias, it goes again on the first track of the album.
I don’t know if is not possible to use that feature on Kodi or if is a bug.

Many thanks for support :slight_smile:


Upload description: RadioZab, files for Kodi continuous playback issue

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

On Kodi media provider:

  1. enable continuous playback on settings
  2. reproduce an album going to the last track

Media provider:





Logs don’t show but you probably have the repeat mode enabled.

uhm, i don’t find the repeat mode, i’ve enabled the retain state and the circular navigation is disabled

Open the now playing queue it’s at the top.

Retain state means that it keeps repeat mode and shuffle each time you play something :wink: So if you have enabled it it stays and it obviously not compatible with auto queue since it’s supposed to play at the start.

facepalm for me, sorry Tolriq :frowning: i had the repeat mode enabled, i’ve disabled it and it worked again