Continuous playback does not add songs at the end of the queue

Issue description:

When I play an album with continuous playback enabled, Symfonium does not seem to be adding new songs at the end of the queue and the playback simply stops at the end of the album. Am I missing something?

This happens with Plex as a provider, as well as with LMS.


I turned debug mode, played a 1 track album, waited for the end and switched off debug mode. I’ve uploaded the corresponding archive here.

---- Technical details, please do not remove ----
Symfonium: 5.9.0-1112 Android: 10 - 29 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: samsung - SM-G960F [starlteeea - starlte] (7.6 MB)

Can you try the same when playing locally and not casting to upnp to pinpoint where it’s happening?

Ok no found the issue, there was a merge error at some point and the circular queue navigation is enabled by default :frowning:

Disable the option for now, I’ll handle this differently.

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