Connecting to Jellyfin on 2 Different Computers, Same network

Issue description:

I have Jellyfin server on two macs on the same network. I can connect to one but not the other. Each has a separate IP but the same username and password. Both have access granted in Jellyfin. I have tried logging out of the connected computer but still can’t connect the other. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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Have you tried reaching the “other server” through browser?

Could you please tell me how to do that and what that would accomplish? Thanks.

I tried going to but it said this site could not be reached.

Should you can’t reach server through browser, it’d most likely be a non-Symfonium issue.

If it’s local access, it should be How’re you connecting to the first server? The other server should connect likewise.

Through the Symfonium app. The one I can connect to is and the one I can’t is I am using the same login credentials for both.

Did the logs show what the problem may be?

I think most likely it is the problem of jellyfin. Have you changed any settings regarding networking in jellyfin that may have caused this issue? Is it configured correctly with IP & Port?

15:12:29.645 P:Error T:JellyfinLogger
Error during request: 401 / Error processing request.

Your server refuses the authentification, check it’s settings and it’s logs.

I reset the password and everything is working. Thanks for your help.

Where can I find documentation about accessing my Jellyfin server remotely?


Probably on Jellyfin forums.

Be sure to read all the security impacts and be up to date. There was a few security issue in Jellyfin.

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