Combining last played and continue playing

Feature description:

Currently using jellyfin, but I do not think this is a jellyfin specific issue, but I could be wrong.

I would like for there to be a new home row type. It would fall under the setting Interface >> Home page overview row. This new row would include any song that played in the past without caring if the song was paused midway or finished the whole way through.

I tried looking for a general history row, and it seemed so obvious it should be there but I can’t find it. Maybe I’m just dumb and if so please point to me the correct method of doing this.

Problem solved:

I noticed that in the setting, Interface >> Home page overview row, there is the continue playing song and last played songs. If I pause a song then it would go into continue playing and if I finished this song it would go to last played. A song would generally be only in one of these two row. There is no row for a general history of whatever I just played, no matter if the song finished or was paused midway through.

Brought benefits:

I would like to resume my previous song, no matter if the song was paused midway or finished the entire way through. The current system means I have to look at both rows and remember which one had the more recent song and with a whole day possibly passing by between listening sessions it would be hard to remember like how it is hard to remember what you ate for dinner last night.

Other application solutions:

YouTube has a decent history tab, but it only hosts YouTube videos and not jellyfin or my local music files.

Additional description and context:

If there was a way to just have the last played songs also contain any songs that were paused midway through would that solve the problem. I mainly only use the last played song, but there’s also a last played album which you may want to extend similar functionality to maintain the symmetry.

Screenshots / Mockup:


What do you really want to achieve with that list?

Have you enabled and not disabled the playback state saving that would leave the player loaded with your last song where it’s paused ?

Have you check the multiple queue option to manage multiple now playing queue?

The last obvious solution to your need sounds like a simple smart playlist of all songs sorted by last played.

I tried your smart playlist suggestion, but the song would only be there if it was counted as already played.

Writing this out, I realize that the wording of my use case wasn’t as clear. The reason I want to combine the two rows is because I would like to use my vague memory with the help of a proper history row to find the song I had just listened to. I would like this history tab to have all the songs I recently played, no matter if it was completely played or I switched half way through, in one singular place since my memory doesn’t distinguish between songs that did or did not finish fully. Your multiple queue feature was for resuming playing a song, but I’m not resuming a song so much as finding a song I had recently played, which includes both songs I had switched away from and songs that I fully listened through.

You built the wrong smart playlist then. If you do not have a filter on playcount then all songs are present.

When a resume point is set the last played is updated.

So a smart playlist with last played within 60 days and sorted by last played would do exactly what you want.

You can also just use the song view and sort by last played too.

You are correct. The song view + last played sorting is giving the results I was looking for.

Sorry for taking up your time. I had just assumed the last played row would have similar function to the last played sort but it seems I was wrong.

No they are different, it also depends on your settings for resume point as you can disable it.

But while I update the last played when a resume point is set to be able to sort the resumable items, most users do not care about single song resume and only song they actually played not those they skipped after a few seconds.

The resume song stuff is mostly for audio book users that do not work via albums.

Anyway the smart playlist will work too if you want to change the song list and still have that working. You can add favorite playlist on home page too. And a few other things to cover your needs.

So I’m going to close this.

Before you close this, I would just like to share what I found to be our source of confusion. With further testing, the last played ROW is similar to the song view + sort by last played, but it also filters to only songs that have been played once. This seems a bit counter intuitive and why it didn’t produce the results I expected. Here the top image is the song view + sort by last played with the number right of the song title showing the number of times played. The bottom image is the last played song ROW. Notice how the top is a super set of the bottom image. I would prefer the top behavior, but this is just my opinion.

I’ve just explained you why :slight_smile:

There’s the last played status so needs to be played this is that row and what most people want. They do not want song they skipped since they are not played.

And there’s the last played time that is updated also when paused / skipped if you have enabled the resume function in the settings (on by default)

Wouldn’t your reasoning be achieved by having a minimum time before it was counted as played and therefore the “played once” filter is redundant and confusing?

From my current understanding of what is actually happening, the last song played row only filters for played once and not your “not skipped” criterium. This means that if I played the song at all in the past, let’s say one month ago, and then today I decided to skip the song it would still show up here.

There’s already a min played duration value configurable and a min value for the resume point configurable too.

Yes there’s some edge cases but current solution fit 99% of the needs.

Your need is also covered and you can adapt some of the values.

There’s a need for current behavior :wink: Up until now no one exposed your need and song sort was understood.

So there’s no plans to change the current behavior.

If you do not need to resume disable it and set played earlier. If 50% is not enough I can eventually add some lower values.

Okay, thanks. After finding the song + view, my personal use case was good. Just wanted to make sure this app just continued being as polished as ever.