Chromecast TV (HD) playback and Ambient mode Detail

During Chromecast TV (HD) playback it would great to have more detail displayed eg:next song, track #, Shuffle mode etc. When Ambient mode starts during music playback the lower left corner only shows only the song tile and “Symfonium”

An Android TV version of the app would be awesome !

Thanks for the great app

Sorry but Chromecast part is Html/JS/CSS and I hate those. One day I’ll rework the player but it’s very very low priority.

For Android TV it’s more or less on the todo now that Google have started to support it with Compose but it’s still very early alpha so won’t look into feasibility until a few months.

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+1 for Android TV.

I often use my Android TV Chromecast to play music through my speaker system.

For me it’s a low priority nice-to-have feature since it’s easy to just cast to the Android TV box, or simply use the Plex app instead, but it would be cool to have.