Chromecast playback starts from random point in song

Issue description:

When playing on Chromecast, sometimes songs in the queue will start at some point in the middle of the song, not at the beginning.

I’m running Subsonic server LMS. I have transcoding engine enabled.


Upload description: chromecast-playback-bug

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There’s no such logs uploaded.

Sorry about that, I think I uploaded properly this time, could you check?

Yes there’s logs, can you describe how exactly you start the playback ?

I connect to Chromecast, shuffle my favorite songs. Some of the songs start from the beginning as expected, but some of them somewhere in the middle. Maybe it’s continuing where I left off, when it shouldn’t be?

Shuffle how ? I need exact repro steps.

On the homepage I press “Favorite songs”, and then I press the shuffle button at the top.

I can’t remember if I started experiencing this issue only after I enabled the transcoding engine, might be worth testing.

I can’t reproduce and can’t find how it could be possible.

Can you export your settings (not the hosts) and upload it? And make a video of exactly whart you do?