Chromecast Issues (Google Nest Hub)

Issue description:

Hi there,
new Symfonium user here, switching from DSub.

I do have 2 issues with casting my Music from Navidrome w/ Symfonium to Chromecast, more precisely to Google Nest Hub.

  1. Cover Art disappears on Google Nest Hub
    The cover art is there but it starts to flicker after a few seconds and then turns grey. It looks like the picture is doing something “dynamic”, difficult to describe. It may even happen it comes back later and disappears again. This does not happen on Android TV. It also doesn’t happen when using DSub. Sometimes it is only fading a bit but not completely turning grey.
    If I’m casting to a group of 2 both pictures can have a different status at the same time (visible/not visible)
  2. Album Artist vs. Song Artist
    I do have many Samplers - any chance I can see the song artist while casting instead the Album artist (which is usually “Various Artists”)

Logs: (690,3 KB)


The first issue is a Google issue don’t know what they do it sometimes happen on some device then disappear after an update or reboot.

Song artist should be displayed of present but Navidrome does not yet fully support OpenSubsonic so some data is harder to get.

Provide a log containing a full sync to see what you server returns for those.

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I see, thanks. Still odd that DSub doesn’t have those graphic flaws in that scenario.

Sync log attached. (3,0 MB)

Dsub is using Google code from 3 years ago, it’s a miracle that it can still cast. Symfonium use the lastest stuff mostly forced to properly support ambient mode and a few things on Android TV and Google TV. Older stuff was much simpler.

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Hum strange seems OS still does not return the proper genres in 0.50.1 for you.


@deluan needs to rescan to have proper data returned?

But proper artist is returned, what does the now playing screen of Symfonium show ?

This looks ok, I’d say.

Strange will do more tests to repro, should display the same as here. The media session also shows the proper artist ?

I came across this term “media session” in the settings but actually I’m not sure what this refers to.

Is this the player close to the notification area or something else?

Yes that’s it thanks.

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Full rescan didn’t change anything …

Yes the issue was about the missing genre not the artist on Chromecast.

Do you have all the proper genres inside Symfonium?

Yes, genres are okay.

Multiple genres are being imported since version 0.45.0, so it should not require rescans. Not sure what could be causing this :confused:

@deluan I’ve read the logs better, this is the return from getBookmarks not the search3 :slight_smile:

Seems that one does have the proper data.

Ok so found the artist issue, a field was not filled properly when half OS.
Will be fixed in next release.

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Sounds good, thanks.

Thanks for fixing the song artist issue, I can confirm it’s working for me.

Regarding the disappearing cover art - as soon as I pause the song will cover art will re-appear. Not sure if this helps :wink:

Cast to another device and you’ll see the image always visible :wink:

There’s nothing I can do except writing a complete client and not using the Google one. Not really a priority right now.