Chromecast error

Issue description:

I have two Chromecasts in my house. With Pixel 7 Pro, when switching:

  • “Local Device → Chromecast 1 → Chromecast 2” results in: “Error playing media, ensure that your player support it”.
  • “Local Device → Chromecast 1 → Local Device → Chromecast 2” works fine


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As usual, thanks for Symfonium and Yatse.

I really enjoy your responses to people who expect you to work on their requests even before they’ve bought Symfonium and then act like entitled wankers.

  • Where’s the iOS version?
  • Why can’t I play videos?
  • Why can’t you work on my obscure request that will suit my needs but no one else?


And you have not seen what I get by mails and as bad ratings :wink:

Anyway thanks for the report, small race with the active route, will be fixed in a future release.