Choose offline cache storage path

Feature description:

I think it would be a great feature to be able to choose where the offline cache is stored. Because of android 11, apps don’t have acess to the android/data folder, which is where symfonium currently stores the offline cache, which is already in a readable mp3 format.

Problem solved:

The problem I am having, is that I want to be able to use a different mp3 player app, sense im used to it, but I want to use symfonium to sync everything. I could just download everything to the download folder, but that would mean I have two copies of all my mp3s on my phone.

Brought benefits:

This would allow users to access music for any need, as well as make it easier to orginise everything. Furthermore, I think the more freedom I have with the app, the more comfortable I am using it.

Other application solutions:

Finamp(GitHub - jmshrv/finamp: A Jellyfin music client for mobile) allows users to choose any location as long as it is a empty folder. Although they claim that it is buggy due to permissions, it works fine for me. I could just use finamp, but I like symfoniums interface much better.

Additional description and context:

I am running android 13.
The other music app I want to use is musicolet.
The app I was using to access the android/data folder was cx file explorer.
I am using jellyfin as my server (although I doubt that it matters)

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Sorry this is a duplicate and I have no plan for that as it does not bring anything to the app.

If you need a file copy app there’s many others dedicated to that.

The real question is why would you want to use another music player since you may have noticed Symfonium is a music player :wink:

Oh sorry I tried to see if it was a duplicate before posting and couldn’t find anything. No problem at all. I am trying to get my whole family to switch to symfonium so I can sync music more easily, but some people just don’t like change. Thanks for your time!

I solved this problem by realizing that running a music server just to sync mp3s to my phone was the wrong path to be going down. I bought a phone with 256G of storage, used Syncthing to sync the files to the phone, and set up a local-files music source in Symfonium. About 10X less trouble than faffing around with Jellyfin/Airsonic/Plex/Whateverthefuck.


I would have done this, but the main thing I want to do with jellyfin is sync playlists, which you cant easily do with syncthing. Sure you can sync m3u files, but still have to manually import them into an app.