Change tones of solid dynamic color style in dark mode and blur style

Issue description:

My natural language is Spanish. Sorry for my English.

The colors adopted by the solid dynamic color in dark mode are, in most cases, very dark and often look almost the same despite the song covers being different.

I would like the colors adopted to be similar to Youtube music or Spotify. They both have solid colors and are not repeated very often. I hope there is more dynamism in the solid colors, but that they do not become too bright so as not to harm the eyes.

With the blur style, I would like it to be more similar to how colors are adopted in Apple Music. Poweramp lets me edit the blur style in the settings and it was similar to how the songs are displayed in Apple Music.


Upload description: I would like the colors of two different styles to be modified.

Additional information:

 Poweramp allows me to edit the blur and I made it similar to apple music. 

Reproduction steps:

 Not provided 

Media provider:

Local device