Certain FLAC files will provide an error and not play then rapidly scroll through entire queue

Issue description:

Player will fail to play a song and come back with an error “Error playing media. Ensure that your player support it.” It happens with one song consistently, but I suspect it happens with others. Whether it is told to play manually or comes up in a shuffle, it will fail to play. Then sometimes after it fails to play the player rapidly cycles through the rest of the playlist/queue in less than a second, no sound, just swapping visually on the screen. Reproducing it is easy, just tapping play on the song in an album, in queue, playlist, etc. It does this whether being streamed or if it’s downloaded. Issue repeats in airplane mode. The music files plays fine on Jellyfin on desktop and MusicBee on desktop. Also plays on Jellyfin mobile app. Playback only seems to be an issue on Symfonium.

The file in question is FLAC, and it only seems to happen to FLAC songs, but plenty of others seems to be fine.

Add as much details as possible, including reproduction steps.


debug-20230312_152110.zip (25.0 KB)


Screenshot_20230312-153253.zip (805.8 KB)

Additional information:

Phone is a Pixel 5a if that helps.

If it’s consistent with a file please provide it (in PM if you want) so I can reproduce.

Sure, sending it as a PM shortly. Thanks!

Ok so this is not a file problem but a corruption of the playback cache.

Next release will have a button to clear corrupted cache and some possible workaround to reduce the risk of corruption.

Great to hear, thanks for letting me know

Where is the button for the corrupted cache? I can’t seem to find it :sweat_smile:

In advanced settings at the bottom if you have enabled playback cache.

But it should auto recover in most case now.

Does this workaround for offline cache also check for downloaded images? I’m getting corrupted images for some songs (thumbnails have werid colours on random songs)

Why would playback cache have anything to do with images :wink: Open your own issues.