CDs sorted wrong (Google). Two CD mixed in one

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I have some almost identical albums in my cloud, distinguished only by the folder name and some tags like MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID, RELEASEDATE and some other tags. These albums are not displayed as separate albums, but as one album.

I have the options: Folder, MusicBrainz ID and Year activated. In e.g. Plex I see each CD displayed separately.

I have the ID “e82b3696-42dd-32c5-9684-94020a47bac0” for CD #1
and ID “db658982-db80-4564-ac83-24f6b728b448” for CD #2
The folder names are:
“[2004-09,2005] American Idiot (Japanese Edition)”
and second
“[2004-09] American Idiot” .

Both folders are located in the parent folder “Green Day”.


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I can’t reproduce with fake tags, can you please upload the first song of 2 different merged albums?

Here is the link to various sample files: 18.33 MB folder on MEGA

Ok so your tags are not valid, from a quick search seems that’s foobar that write those non standard

The MBID is tagged as when then real tag is Album Id

Same for most of the iTunes one.

There’s also a small bug on my side with GDrive and folder split, but the main issue here is non standard tags.

Anyway I’ll add support for those as I guess others can use foobar :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that Foobar interprets and writes some tags in its own way. I and certainly all other Foobar users are certainly very grateful for “Anyway I’ll add support for those as I guess others can use foobar”.

Just in case can you upload a test file with like all the possible foobar tags so I can see all of them ?

I’m not sure if the individual ID3 tags are standard, but here are some examples:

This link may be more helpful:

Thanks will look into them.

And no that page does not describe the non standard they use :frowning:

So thanks again for the new files added support for like 20 variant of tags they use …

Next release should now extract the same amount of tags as if they were tagged with more common tags.

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