Casting to chromecast fails with format error

Issue description:

When trying to cast music to my chromecast, the playback fails with a popup toast message which translates roughly to “Error during playback, format probably not supported by device”. The error occurs when selecting a title for playback, not during the initial connection. I’ve tried both flac and opus files.

The specific chromecast I use is the model GA00439-DE.


I think the relevant lines in the log file begin at line 685.
debug.log (232,7 KB)

Thanks for your help and for developing this awesome app.
Please let me know if there is any additional information I should supply.

You need to check your Navidrome logs first to see what happens there. It probably does not show an attempt from the Chromecast to even connect.

I suspect that your Chromecast can’t resolve the name you use to connect as Chromecast force it’s own DNS.

Add your Navidrome via IP or via a resolvable DNS name.

Wow, that was a quick reply.

This is the log of the docker container I use for navidrome. I shortened it a bit to show just the timeframe from testing.
_media-navidrome-1_logs.txt (6,2 KB)

When I try to play media, I get multiple requests logged in navidrome (possibly retries as a result of the error?). Those all seem to come from symfonium itself I guess based on the player="Symfonium [Symfonium/Android] attribute in the log message. Do you know what would be listed as a player there if the chromecast tried to connect?

I also tried adding my navidrome server using an IP address rather than the hostname in symfonium but that doesn’t appear to change anything. I still get the format error toast message.

You need to enable debug mode in Navidrome to have the proper logs and know who make the requests.

Symfonium just pass the media url to the Chromecast what happens next is between the Chromecast and Navidrome.

Chromecast does not give more details about the errors :frowning:

Alright, I’ve enabled the debug log level and tried again.
navidrome-debug-log.txt (47,0 KB)

For reference: is my phones IP. The chromecast IP would be but it doesn’t seem to show up. All playback requests appear to end with the message “Request was interrupted” and the error “context canceled”.

I’m not sure how relevant this information is, but I also have a plex container running on the same server and I can cast from plex just fine. So I guess the server should be found at least by the chromecast.

Well if there’s no request from your Chromecast then your Chromecast can’t reach Navidrome.

Check again with IP in Symfonium. Check your proxy if you have one.

Do you mean to set the media source in symfonium to use an IP instead of a hostname? I did that earlier before the debug logs in navidrome. I don’t use a proxy either.

You mentioned something about the chromecast DNS. Do you mean that it is hardcoded to the google DNS servers or that it automatically uses the DNS provided by the router? I have a pi-hole set up as my DNS server and I can see that at least some DNS requests from the chromecast are going through it.

I just retried playback with an mp3 file just to be sure and that worked. After that I switched to one of the flac files which gave me issues before and suddenly that worked as well.

I can also see the chromecast now in the navidrome log. Maybe symfonium took a moment to update the hostname in the configuration? Whatever it was, it works now. I guess I’ll just name the hostname to IP address switch as the solution for lack of a better idea.

Thank you for your help.

The change is instant for any new playback. If the media are already in the queue then they are not updated if you change the host configuration.

I have the same problem since the last update 5.6.0 (before it worked fine) local playback works but with chromecast it gives an error, with Tidal and Bubbleupnp it works correctly.

Android version: 13, music server Jellyfin, chromecast audio


No you do not have the same issue …

Open your own with proper logs. (8,2 KB)
I have no problems with Tidal, bubbleupnp, tuneinpro, I have cleared the application data settings and reset the chromecast audio, but the problem continues.

As asked open your own issue with details …

There’s no error in that log and in all case your issue is 100% different from this thread.