Casting to a Chromecast Audio gives errors

Issue description:

I’m trying to cast music to a Chromecast Audio, but it doesn’t work and gives the following error:
“Error playing media, ensure that your player support it”

I’ve tried with music from both Jellyfin and Navidrome (subsonic), and both flac and mp3 files, with the same error every time. Casting to a normal Chromecast seems to work fine, but I’d rather be able to listen to music without having to have my TV on!

Logs: (44.2 KB)


Additional information:

Those logs does not contains any error and are 6 days old so probably the wrong ones. (And incomplete)

And you are probably also using a very old version of the app.

I’ve been having the issue for over a week, and those are the logs I got while trying to work out if it was the app or something in my setup, covering a brief period when I tried switching between the various providers.

What’s missing from the logs? They’re what the app gave me when I exported them?

I’m not sure how outdated the app could be - I only installed it for the first time ever a few weeks ago.

Every media in that log was played with no error you need to reproduce the issue.

The logs when enabled always logs details about the app version and Android device, they are missing.

For the app I can’t know the version but it’s older than 3.0 released early December.

Ah, it might be that I hit the share button more than once, and it only shows logs between the shares.

New log from just now: (139.5 KB)

Things I quickly did in that:

  1. Play (locally) from subsonic.
  2. Cast to Chromecast Audio (failed)
  3. Played (casting) from Jellyfin (failed)
  4. Changed to local playback (fine)
  5. Cast to normal chromecast (failed?)
  6. Cast again to normal chromecast (success)
  7. Cast from subsonic to chromecast (fine)

Version is 3.2.0 (852).

Better logs yes.

So Chromecast does not give much details except that it can’t reach those media or they are not compatible.

Is that device up to date with correct Internet access to access the server? Maybe some specific reentrant nat for that device, or security or DNS view or something like that ?

To be honest, I’m not sure. It’s on the same network, etc as the other chromecast so should have access to everything, and casting music playing in a tab from my computer works. Network wise, it’s all on my local network - If you’re seeing hostnames in the logs, the DNS resolves directly to the local server while inside my network. I’ve also just tried with a different hostname that always points to the local IP for my home server and get the same results.

It is the discontinued Chromecast Audio though, so I’m not sure if there are firmware updates it hasn’t got that would be needed to make it work.

Check your server logs / proxy if that device actually tries to connect and what the server answers.

There’s something wrong in the communication between the hosts.

If you resolve to local IP it means you are not using your cloudflare ssl certificate are the local certificate valid or do you use some let’s encrypt. (They changed their root cert and the old device may not know the new ones, try adding the hosts with local ip and no ssl.)

Very interesting. I’ll have to play around a bit more, but I’ve tried changing the port to one that doesn’t use SSL (which still didn’t work), and changing the hostname directly to the IP (which did work!). Also tried casting from a podcasting app locally which also failed, and from BBC Sounds which was fine. Looking like a DNS issue, or possibly the chromecast audio not liking my domain.

I am having some issues with playback stuttering every 30 secs or so too, and I’ll try to get some logs for that after playing with the domain a bit more.

I am having the same problem. I was recently using Plex as a media provider and Chromecast worked fine, though since switching to Navidrome I get an error. I’ve attached my logs (67.7 KB)

Open your own issue …

Symfonium Is not involved in the Playback the data goes from server to Chromecast. Nothing to see in the Symfonium logs about such issues.