Casting playlist stops after current track

Issue description:

Casting playlist stops after current track. Pressing next button and hitting play button starts the next track in the playlist, but will not auto play the next track.


Upload description: denverdude

Additional information:

 Not provided 

Reproduction steps:

 Open and start playlist. Cast to device (stereo in my case). Playback starts and the dies at the end of the song. 

Media provider:




Your device advertise support for Gapless but seems broken.

Uncheck the option gapless upnp in settings, stop casting to the device then select it again (or force kill the app) then try again.

Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately that did not fix the issue. I have uploaded another log,

Your logs are during a full download and tons of actions :slight_smile:

Please wait for all of those to stop then provide smaller logs for easier debugging.

Device should be in play local mode. Then enable debug mode, select your renderer then play and reproduce and just that.