Casting dropping out

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Using Navidrome as a server.

I can play files on Navidrome on my phone, but I have problems casting to various Google devices (Chromecast and Nest Audio). I was casting to the Chromecast device “Attic” successfully for a few songs, then it dropped out. So I activate the logs and tried casting again, switching to local, switching back and forth a few times, and it only played on local. Please help!


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What do you mean by dropped out?

In the logs I do not see any hard errors and there’s multiple days of logs so it’s hard to know what to look when.

But have you tried to just reboot the Chromecast?

By dropped out, I mean that it stops playing at the end of one song and doesn’t continue to the next. Then, when I change the player to local (or another Chromecast), it plays fine. Trying to switch back in the middle of the playing song causes the song to stop. The play button does nothing at that point.

Rebooting the Chromecast seemed to work! Let’s hope it sticks. Thank you!

I’ll try to remember to delete the old logs before uploading recent ones next time.