Cast to kodi, without kodi as library provider

New to symfonium, but i think i understand right that it’s not possible to cast to kodi if it’s not added as library provider? Since i use my plex as provider, and on PC i have plexkodiconnect, i have double libraries if i add both as providers if i wanted to cast to kodi.

You can hide the Kodi libraries via the filter.

But the simple way is to enable UPnP on Kodi and play on it via UPnP

Figured it, yea via upnp is better, thanks.
For some reason thought kodi dlna settings were only for making it as dlna server, but i toggled only for control dont need it as server.

Is there a guide anywhere for how to set up UPnP from Symfonium to cast to Kodi? I looked through the settings but I’m not sure what to do. I am new to Symfonium and haven’t used Kodi at all, but been using Jellfyin for several months. I have Jellyfin as my Library in Symfonium, but would like to be able to cast to my various computers from my phone.

Open your own issue don’t post in random closed issues.

Just enable UPnP in Kodi settings, but there’s probably better clients for that than Kodi if you do not need or use Kodi.

Like audiophile renderer or Linux equivalents.