Cast to Alexa Echo speakers

Feature description:

Is it possible to build an Alexa skill to cast from Symfonium to an Echo speaker?

Not sure whether it’s possible to somehow combine it with Yatse or any generic way to cast Android audio to Alexa Echo speakers, in general.

Problem solved:

Cast music to Alexa Echo speakers without using Bluetooth (which drops out if moving the phone around the house). A cast solution that uses WiFi would work much better.

Brought benefits:

Cast music to Alexa Echo speakers without using Bluetooth.

Other application solutions:

 Not sure, maybe Yatse could do it. Or some other generic Alexa skill. 

Additional description and context:

 Not provided 

Screenshots / Mockup:


This is not possible, Amazon in the end never released the proper SDKs for that and all solutions some use are hack that can disappear at any moment if Amazon change it’s internal API.

The speaker/assistant/cast fragmentation is very frustrating for the consumer :frowning:

Is Sonos any better as a more neutral solution perhaps?

Sonos are UPnP and works well to cast from Symfonium, for the rest all depends on your needs.

Does it work directly from Smyfonium or does it need a helper e.g. Yatse, BubbleUPnP, etc.?

It works directly if your media are compatible or your provider support transcoding.

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Any benefit to using BubbleUPnP? I’ve seen it mentioned in your Yatse. Why is this stuff so very complicated and confusing? I just want to send some music to a speaker.

Bubble is just a partnership to add transcoding to Kodi mostly for video and irrelevant here.