Cast is not working for some songs on Google chromecast with Google TV 4k

Issue description:

I’m using an Emby Server up to date as library source for Synfonium

When chromecasting, some FLAC songs just kill the cast of playing playlist, this is the same when trying to cast that song individually. I see Symfonium player with the song title popping on the TV then directly shutting down the cast

The song is playing correctly when chromecasting it directly from the Emby App and also when listening it directly on the symfonium app. Only chromecasting it from Symfonium is causing the issue

The Google Chromecast was received yesterday, is plug over ethernet and is up to date
My symfonium app is up to date with stable version (tried beta also but same issue)


Here are the logs when trying to cast the problematic song :
debug.log (155,6 Ko)

Additional information:

I have created an access to my emby Server with two albums, one MP3 working and one FLAC that is causing issue, don’t hesitate if you want me to provide you these infos in private to be able to debug/test on your side

I will try to get some logs from the Google Chromecast tomorrow and will keep you informed

Really appreciate the work made on this app and plan to purchase it to me and m’y wife when this problem will find an explanation
Thanks in advance

Please as asked in the other thread provide the song so I can reproduce.

And up to date is not a version for Chromecast Google have dozens of versions live at the same time I’d need the precise one.


For the Chromecast, version is STTK.230808.004

For the song I said that I Can send you informations to connect to my Emby Server if you want in private

Well then yes it works too but I need one of those to be able to work on that tomorrow :slight_smile:


I maybe mess something but how Can I send you a private message ? :rofl:

miss :stuck_out_tongue: But click the image near my name then chat or PM or there’s mail contact from inside the app.

Sorry for the bad english :joy:

I have non buttons to contact you when clicking on your avatar, so I sent you informations by email


Your nickname make it very clear that you are French :stuck_out_tongue:

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So tested on all my devices, Google home, Google minis, Google Chromecast ultra and Android TV 4K (STTK.230808.004.10714782) and all the files played without any issue in all cases.

Maybe factory reset the device ?

Else will require more work from you, but enable ADB in dev settings then provide full ADB logs.

Already try 2 factory reset (see on other forums that sometimes, 1 isn’t enough) yesterday and didn’t change…

Will try to get ADB logs if I have time and keep you informed

Just freshly dumped ADB logs

logcat.txt (89,3 Ko)

You will find at log Line : 11-13 10:38:52.230 28959 28988 F DEBUG the beggin if crash report when starting to cast the problematic song but i’m not a Chromecast pro and don’t understand what is really the issue…

Well so yes a low level native crash in the sandbox.

11-13 10:38:52.230 28959 28988 F DEBUG   : pid: 28959, tid: 28988, name: ThreadPoolForeg  >>> <<<
11-13 10:38:52.230 28959 28988 F DEBUG   : uid: 99019
11-13 10:38:52.230 28959 28988 F DEBUG   : signal 0 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr --------
11-13 10:38:52.230 28959 28988 F DEBUG   : Cause: null pointer dereference

Not much I can do here :frowning: Let’s hope Google fixes this in their next update.

Since I don’t reproduce have you tried to plug that device in something else like a pc monitor to see if it crash the same?

Will try with another monitor and update hère if it solves something

That’'s what i’m thinking about too, saw in other places that many apps are impacted since Android 12… :sob:

Will be patient and wait for Google to fix

Thanks for your Time and again great job with your app !

Tried on my PC monitor and same issue, strange that it’s working on your side with exactly the same version, will wait for Google…

Hum interesting, just find a workaround at least until thé fix,

if i’m putting a max bitrate on wifi connection to 320kbps it is working…

So it’s maybe just related to the FLAC bitrate that is too high, however Emby App works with direct stream when the max bitrate value seems to be used by the Chromecast and so enable the transcoding from Emby server

Chromecast support high bitrates FLAC and up to 24b/96kHz.

So it’s a FLAC issue on those devices and transcoding does workaround, but this is no more the source file you want to listen.

Sure but will help to wait the fix :wink:

Hello, me again,

Finally found the solution (without transcoding)

After searching, Google says on their support site to try to update Chromecast from the playstore

When searching for “Chromecast built-in” app, I found that previous year I enabled the beta project on it and so the Chromecast with Google TV automatically update it to the beta version at setup time!

I leave the beta test project then uninstall the update to finally reinstall it in stable version and now, the direct stream for my buggy FLAC files is working!

Hope it can help,
Thanks @Tolriq for your time

Thanks for the solution, let’s hope Google fixes this before pushing that bug in prod.