Case-insensitive codec filter and maybe other tags too

Feature description:

Please support case-insensitive codec filters and maybe other tags too.

Problem solved:

Two providers: Plex and local. Plex is all lower case “vorbis”, local is all uppercase “VORBIS”. Creating a smart playlist that uses codec needs to include both variations.

In the track details there is a tag “Mime type” that is “ogg/vorbis” for both, but it doesn’t seem to be exposed as a filter. Not sure whether it should be.

Brought benefits:

Makes it easier to use a filter in a smart playlist without remembering to include all case variations.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Do not use is / is not but any of the other like contains start with or end with they are case insensitive.

Is / Is Not is for exact perfect match if the providers have different case then the values are different.

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Interesting and not obvious.