Car mode/Headunit support

Feature description:

Was really excited when I found Symfonium. Works ok (with some glitches I’ll post elsewhere) my my phone but I was disappointed for one of my uses cases - running it in my car on my Chinese Android headunit.

First issue is Play Store reports the app as not supported. Is this because if an older version of Android? What is the minimum (oldest) version it’s supported on?

Secondly there doesn’t seem to be a “car mode” which makes the UI large and finger friendly on an Android car stereo interface. Is this something that could be implemented via skins or to they not let you change the UI just the colours etc? Can the AA interface be enabled manually?

Problem solved:

Playing music streamed from Jellyfin in my car.

Note that I realise most peoplemwill use Android Auto, but there are several use cases where this is better. Mine is that in Australia younger drives are not permitted to have their phone attached (wired or wirelessly) to the car…but (for some reason) are allowed to use apps installed on the car radio itself.

Brought benefits:

Android is becoming an increasingly popular platform for car stereos.

Other application solutions:

Most other apps will run in my Android head unit. Many have car specific UIs but some do not. Currently using PlexAmp which works but the buttons are too small.

Additional description and context:

Is there a forum for general chat where I can ask simple questions as a new user without having to format every question as a support or feature request with a large template and/or log files?

The app require Android 9 at least.

For AA there’s things like B3IT - Everything about Android Auto

There’s plan for the actual android automotive, for phone if enough ask there might be a now playing screen special for cars, but not a full UI to select media to play.

For the questions you can use the chat, but out of home for a week so don’t expect fast answers or answers at all if there’s too much there.