Can't seek using UPnP cast

Issue description:

The receiver is GitHub - hzeller/gmrender-resurrect: Resource efficient UPnP/DLNA renderer, optimal for Raspberry Pi, CuBox or a general MediaServer. Fork of GMediaRenderer to add some features to make it usable. running on ubuntu linux.
The media provider is navidrome.


Upload description: Uploaded via the in-app option, name “happyhc”

Additional information:

gmrender compiled from source

Reproduction steps:

Connect to the media client, press play, try to seek.

Media provider:




There’s no errors the renderer accept the seek, you need to check it’s logs to see what happens on their side.

It’s possible they don’t like the headers sent by Navidrome, you can try to enable the option Proxy via Symfonium on the renderer to workaround that.