Can't fully scan Samba share, with over 100.000 songs

Issue description:

First scanning of Samba share, no issues in the beginning, when it’s reaching 100.000/105.000 the app starts to stutter, becoming unresponsive and force closing. When restarting the scan, it’s fast going through all the files it has already scanned but as it reaches 100.000/105.000 it does the same, not being able to scan everything.
The SAMBA share is on a OpenWRT router running latest version with KSMBD.
Sending two different logs, from my phone and my tablet.


[Support] Symfonium logs - (122.4 KB)
[Support] Symfonium logs - (9.6 KB)


Additional information:

Yes there’s limits on what Symfonium can do with Android RAM limits per app.

I don’t really have a performant workaround for that.

Can you add SFTP share access? With password and key login? It works perfectly on Neutron and, to my perception, is faster than Samba.

SFTP would not be faster at all and would not change anything to this issue.

The only workaround is that you add 2 SMB provider each pointing to smaller directories. Only side effect is that you can have duplicated artists if same artists are present in both sub folders.

With version 7.0.0., SMB scanning is worse, can’t pass beyond 30.000 files. With verion 6 it could reach 100.000. I reverted to version 6 for some more testing. Will try to make a full scanning and import the DB to version 7.0.0.

The logs you uploaded previously where already with 7.0.

But I believe the first scanning was with version 6. Then updated the app, then did the scan with debug mode. But will test this later and report to you.

If you have more than ~200k songs I suggest that you try to use another Provider/Server to access your music in Symfonium.
For my device that was the limit when using SMB where android did not allow Symfonium to allocate more memory and thus the sync consistently failed at that point.

I have successfully used Navidrome, lms and Jellyfin with 830k tracks as sources for Symfonium and mainly use Jellyfin at the moment. When lms matures a bit more I’ll probably switch to that. Anyways, good luck to you.

Thanks for the sugestion, but what I’m trying to achieve is to have access to my music library without having a server online, to save as much electricity as I can.
I have to computers, one with Windows 11 (even though its a Intel 6700) running plex server, and a backup server running Unraid also with plex server running. But I’ve converted my FLAC library to 128kpbs OPUS files on a old 500 GB hdd connected all the time to my router, running OpenWRT. If I could have my library available 24/7 on my router, all I have to do is connect with Wireguard and that’s it, I don’t have to turn on my computer just to listen to my music.
For now, I’m trying another solution, removing a large folder (in my case, the Various Artists folder) and syncing (which I have already done successfully). Now I’ll try and add that folder (around 22K music files) and see if it can sync.