Can't download more than 1246 songs

Issue description:

Having a weird issue, I have a couple of playlists. One is called “Top Tracks” has about 3 days worth of music. I add it to Auto Offline Cache, it starts to download but it will only download 1246 songs and the rest stay in a queue. The weird thing is if I press “removal all” it starts to download the rest while removing the ones I had.

I have tried doing a couple of smaller playlist, but if I do say 4 playlists it won’t go over 1246 songs. There is plenty of room on my SD card, roughly 115gb (When it downloads 1246 songs)

Running a Openmediavault server (Latest updates) with Plex installed in portainer (Latest version)

It used to work fine but I had to wipe out my phone recently due to issues which was fixed by wiping it out but now symfonium won’t work. Nothing on the server has changed though apart from updates. I have also tried uninstalling, reinstalling symfonium a few times but same issue.

Any help would be appreciated.



Additional information:


I do not have access to those files please make them accessible and send them in private if you want to hide them.

Hopefully this works : ) Thank you

I do not see errors here.
In the logs there’s files downloading and some files skipped as already present.

From reddit I suspect the missing songs are seen as already downloaded from where it did it on the internal storage.

You need to press the cleanup button in manage offline files so that files marked offline but no more present are downloaded again.

@james4049 did it fix the issue? Or can you provide logs when it’s actually not downloading anything?