Cant change User Rating from the main player menu

Issue description:

I’m hopping this is a bug but. When you are in the main menu when music is playing and you go to more action by the 3 dots. There is no option to change user rating.

You can change user rating when you select a song in the que menu page and when your doing it from a playliat.

But when the song is playing and your in that menu you loose the ability to change user settings


Upload description: Alexander0408-User-Settings

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

It’s easy to reproduce. Just play any music file from any provider.

Once you in the main menu “Shown in image”

Select the 3 dots to get to more actions and the option is not there

Media provider:

Any provider




Enable the rating bar in now playing settings.

Way faster than a hidden submenu

Sweet thats what i was looking for xd. Glad i found it thanks.

But the bug is still there if its a bug

This is not a bug, there’s already too much stuff there and the bar in the now playing if you want to rate things is a lot more efficient.