Can't add Box, Dropbox...etc as media providers. Callback return 404 not found

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Every time I try to log into Box, Dropbox and even OneDrive, the callback url return ‘404 not found’ and I can’t add any of these cloud providers.

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You have something on your device that intercept things.

Show a screenshot of the error to see if there’s something there. Check VPN or proxy that do wrong things.

This is outside of the app so not much the app can detect.

There’s no error. After granting access to my Box account, it redirect to the callback url and it says: Server error. 404, page not found.

When I go back to the app, the sign-in button is grayed out.

I turned off my VPN, Private DNS, and even browser extensions. And I still got the same issue. Very strange.

In Android settings / apps / Symfonium

Check that open by default is properly enabled and shows 1 enabled link to callback …

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Found the issue. It was with Firefox on my Android device.

In Firefox settings, I had ‘Open links in apps’ option disabled.

Enabling this option fixed my issue.

Thank you for your help.