Cannot Play Certain FLAC Files

Issue description:

One whole album of mine does not play. They’re individual high bitrate FLACs. I don’t have a problem playing them with any other music players. I can send the files themselves to a private email, but I cannot post them on this public forum. As far as I can tell, they files are not corrupted or malformed, but I only have a problem with this album in particular.

The play button just either sits there spinning or the play button flickers between pause and play rapidly on occasion.

I cleared my playback cache and it did not fix the problem. It does not appear to be a playback cache issue.

Logs: (41.8 KB)

Additional information:

Symfonium 5.9.0 (1112)

The logs does not reflect what you describe this is strange.

You can send the media in private here by clicking on my name. (Well upload them somewhere and send the link as flac are big :p)

I just noticed that the channels on the album are “3F2M2R/LFE” according to VLC which may be a factor. Strange that FFmpeg might have an issue decoding that.

Debugging this might be a PITA so it’s not a major issue, but it would be really nice to fix if there’s a straightforward solution.

I’ll send one of the songs in private.

Samsung have a mostly working FLAC decoder so you can confirm it’s ffmpeg by disabling the option prefer internal decoder in the settings and force kill the app to be sure to use the phone decoder.

Aha, turning off the internal decoder worked!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to PM you the file so here’s the file. Just edit/remove this post when you download it:

Ok so was able to reproduce.

Exoplayer ffmpeg local debug log have more details.
Output buffer size (65536) too small for output data (73728).

Seems ffmpeg returns larger buffer size than it’s supposed to according to ExoPlayer comment in code.

I’ll try to increase buffers in my build to see.

So yes increasing buffers fix this, will be working with internal decoder in next release.


Awesome, great job. Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry to necro, but I am having the same issue and found this thread by searching before submitting.

I have a few albums that have the same issue, I noticed it mostly happens with 24/92khz flacs however I do have a few 16/44.1khz flacs that demonstrate this issue (using the Synfonium included hi-res decoder).

Open your own issue with logs and reproducing files.