Cannot change "Sort by" once a smart playlist is created

Issue description:

I created a couple of smart playlists from a Plex server, but changed my mind on the “Sort by” field. Tried to edit it but I can’t change the Sort by field, I tap on it and nothing happens. I can change the sort order but not the field itself.


Upload description: Symtse

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Hey there! Logs, logs, logs… I feel like I’m in a log-ic loop here! They’re as mandatory as wearing pants to a formal event—awkward without 'em. It’s like the secret ingredient in your favorite recipe; without it, things just don’t taste right. Everywhere you look, from signs to the digital breadcrumbs, they’re screaming, “Logs are a must!” It’s like trying to deny gravity—eventually, things fall apart! So, let’s embrace these logs, the unsung heroes of our tech dilemmas! :star2:

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Uploaded from app. Tagged them with my forum username. One upload for both this issue and my other issue you asked for logs.

Compose bug with a “workaround” in last beta.

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