Can’t get lyrics to show

My mp3 file can be downloaded by clicking the link below

As you can see, the lyrics have been embed in the mp3 music file. But in Symfonium, it still can not get the lyrics to show.

Thanks for the file, where did you get it or how did you add the lyrics to it?

It’s synchronized lyrics in an unsynced tags with an encoding that is not supposed to be possible in mp3 tags.

I add the lyrics to the mp3 file by using a pc program called Music Tag which is developed by a chinese.

Could you tell me how to edit and make it to be a synced tags in mp3 tags?

Or could you let the symfonium app suppose the unsynced tags in mp3 tags? Because it is supposed by using in Navidrome.

I use the symfonium link to subsonic source which was builded by Navidrome.

I’ll add support for those in next release.

Thank you very much! I have paid for it :grinning:. Symfonium is better than others.

Do not forget 5 star ratings and spreading the word :slight_smile:

OK, no problem. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: