Cache leaves 5x+ "Media download by ...." for same song on Plex

Issue description:

After queuing up several full artists or albums in my client, all seem to download fine, but I will get several entries that will never leave on my Plex server status.

These all appear to be for the same song (though the specific song changes after the server is restarted and the client then opened again later), so there will be anywhere from 5-10x lines for the same song just stuck in the status. I can restart the Plex server, but after I load Symphonium again later, it just sticks several under status for another song.

I know this might also instead point to a bug in how Plex does something, but I have not run into this issue with the Plexamp client before and hope the answer may be something simple.


Upload description: tenchiken

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

open an album under symphonium, then skip tracks a few times.
watch the plex server status, and several entries for what appear to be partial transcodes or downloads appear and never disappear until server restart.

Media provider:



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This is a bug on Plex side, ExoPlayer download in chunks and may trigger multiple connections, Plexamp use another system.

Unfortunately this is not API based to appear there, so I do not think there’s an API to remove from there. The app just access a download url then can cancel the download. Plex does not detect that the url is no more accessed and do not remove it.