Bypass offline files & "Go to artist" option

Loving this app so far, I have 2 requests I hope you will consider.

  1. Bypass offline files when on WiFi. When I’m home and on WiFi, it would be nice to stream the full quality file instead of the offline files. I think this should be a user setting. Might be worth adding 2 toggles, one for WiFi and one for cellular. While the latter might seem counterintuitive, I can see the use case of unlimited cell plan users toggling this on when they have good service, and turning it off when they have poor cell service. Or, if your WiFi sucks, but your cell service is great.

  2. Add a “Go to artist” option, see screenshot below.

For 2 it’s already there, one entry per artist when found. You can also click the artist name in the now playing page directly.
If the artist is visible in now playing but not there please open a different issue with logs.

You’re right, good call. I would suggest having both options then, “Go to album artist” and “Go to artist”. I just want to be able to switch to a different album quickly while listening to a specific album artist.

All artists have a distinct entry and if multiple clicking on the now playing one shows a sheet to select the one.

Open an issue with logs and details but everything is already here.