Buying from Russia

So… Trial licence has ended. Player has blocked… I can’t make a purchase because google blocked payment from russia. What next? Maybe another ways to make a purchase or i can not sweat and search another music player?

The other solution is documented here but is based on Paypal that is also locked in Russia.
I’m sorry but I do not have power over international laws.

I’m from Russia and bought Symfonium using my friend’s belorussian card. Had to pay double price because of exchange rate, but it was totally worth it. Ask around, maybe some of your friends can help you with that.

Unfortunately, i have no friends in belorussia, or friends with belorussian card. This method is not valid for me :frowning:

It would be great if Tolriq was taking donations via Telegram Wallet. I guess it should be a good option: it is easy to get money in and out and there shouldn’t be any problems with transfer (it’s cryptocurrency-based).