Buttons not visible in notification area when album art is missing

Issue description:

The track forward and back buttons, as well as the progress bar, are not visible in the notification area when the album art is missing from the currently playing song.
This seems to be caused by a contrast issue between the white background color and the white color of the buttons.
Perhaps the problem could be fixed with an option to change the background or font colors in the notification area?


Upload description: Gideion - Contrast problem Screenshot

Additional information:

 Dark mode may be required to reproduce. 

Reproduction steps:

 Play song that has no artwork in metadata, observe notification area player. 

Media provider:





You did not upload the mandatory logs …

From the screenshot this is not the notification shown but the media session fully managed by the OS.

Oh, sorry.

Is it possible to upload them now or should i start over?

Yes you can https://upload.symfonium.app/

Ok, I have reproduced and uploaded the logs labeled “gideion”

So on a Google device :frowning:
And yes it’s the media session so I don’t really have control and can’t reproduce on my devices.

Do you have the January patch ? Or a custom ROM? Have you tried to reboot the device ?

Yes, a Pixel 7 pro running https://grapheneos.org/

I think that it has the January patch.

I did try to reboot the device, the results are the same.

Ok so a bug to report to them then :frowning:

From the logs Symfonium properly set the image to null when there’s no image, what the OS displays in the media session is 100% out of control of the app.

While I could send a fake image as a workaround, this would not render nice on other proper OS that would try to extract colors and do things based on that image / icon.

Wouldn’t the option of a fake image able to be set to (off, black, white, grey) be able to fix almost any scenario?

If the default is set to off it would not effect most users.

I have been using your Yatse app for many years :slightly_smiling_face:
It is also installed on my phone. When it has no art information for the currently playing track, it displays a Yatse logo background and the contrast with the buttons in the notification area looks very good.

That would be a lot of work to workaround a specific not that common OS bug that they will fix in their next release if you report to them.