Button Feedback for Button Row on Single Album Screen

Feature description:

Hi, great app, worth the price, but this little issue really bugs me:

Frequently, I look at an album tracklist and use the button row above it, especially the “Queue”-Button to add the tracklist to my queue.

On clicking the button, it does the thing, but does not provide any visual feedback that it was clicked or anything happened. So I tend to click it multiple times and now have my album in the queue like 20 times.

Problem solved:

Clearer visual feedback for button functionality & less user frustration (for at least 1 user)

Brought benefits:

It adds to the otherwise really nice UX!

Other application solutions:

 You know, buttons usually provide feedback on interaction, so this is really great 

Additional description and context:

 I like clicking buttons which provide visual feedback on interaction, so I know the button really does the thing I currently want it to do! 

Screenshots / Mockup:


Enable the option for that ? :slight_smile:

Show playback message.

Thank you very much, this is an improvement. And woah, there so many settings! Since I have not opened them yet, the defaults seem pretty fine.

One minor thing is that the resulting message hovers just a little too long and covers the whole button row (when at top scroll position), which makes it impossible to press buttons in that row in quick succession - which is not a thing I do, so everything is fine as it is.

Thanks again!

Can you post a screenshot of that ?

Sure - it’s a Pixel 4a, small screen

Oh how yes with that screen ratio :frowning: . You can change settings to use a smaller image at the top if wanted.