Bug : Player stuck at a specific time on one track

Issue description:

On Symphonium 5.5.0 (1030) with a navidrome server, there’s a song (24B/44.1kHz) that first skips a micro-second at 1:57~58 and then that can’t play when it arrives at 2:01.

The play/pause button seems to flicker between the two icons.

I can skip 30 seconds after, but the bug reproduces itself at 3:04.

It plays fine on navidrome webplayer, but on default ubuntu player it glitch at 1:57~58.

I got the 16B-44.1kHz version and it doesn’t glitch on ubuntu player (have yet to test it on symphonium). I don’t mind if i have to go for the 16B instead of 24B but if it can helps fixing errors it’s better to share.


debug-20230802_152122.zip (593,8 Ko)


Video Recording, didn’t know the filesize limit so uploaded on wetransfer.

Additional information:

I can send the file if needed.
Thanks in advance !

Yes the file would help.

But if default ubuntu player glitch too the file is probably not correct and ffmpeg does not like it. The webplayer is maybe transcoding the file and workarounding the issue.

You can uncheck the option prefer internal decoder and restart the app to test if the file works with your phone decoder (But it might bring other issues)

Oh I didn’t thought it could be transcoding, it can explain why it’s not gliching yeah.

I’m sending you the file in dms.

Ok so the file is corrupted, ffmpeg bug like you see, VLC glitch but somehow manage to continue. The Pixel internal decoder just stop playback at 1:57.

Not much I can do on my side.

Can I send the file to the Google team that build the player to see if they can workaround something?

yeah sure totally
thanks for the help though
been loving symfonium it’s really great :ok_hand:

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