Bug: Music stop playing at some point and jumps to the next on queue


I’m having some issues with songs being stopped at some point in time and not being able to play after that. If I try to forward after that point of break, the file are skipped to the next in queue giving the impression that the file is corrupted.

I’m using Navidrome as the server with no Transcoding.

I noticed the issue occurs only with the playback cached songs, maybe because of some network error during the playback caching the file is downloaded corrupted(?). After I go in settings and “Clear Playback cache” and begin reproducing the same album again, the error in that file disappear.

Does Symfonium do any file integrity check after downloading to make sure that the file is not corrupted?

Nothing comes up in the logs from Navidrome. If needed I can attach them here too. If worth mention, I’m using HAProxy as reverse proxy for connecting.


debug-20230822_212902.zip (198,4,KB)

The logs does not seems fully complete as lack the details about your device and Symfonium.

About the issue I can see the error and it seems that yes the cache is corrupted but not the reason.
There’s no way to do integrity check as there’s no API to give the data to check anything against.

When you cleared the cache without restarting the app you faced a race and the cache was disabled, so the test is a little false.

Would need to force kill the app then provide logs when the app does fill the cache to see what is happening.

Got it. Here are new logs right after I got the problem.
debug-20230823_094537.zip (25,6,KB)

Do you edit the logs? There’s still some missing information there that can’t really be missing.

How do you generate the zip?

Anyway this issue is completely different:

2023-08-23 09:45:17.561 T:MusicPlayer
onPlayerError: 4003 / Decoder failed: c2.android.flac.decoder

Your phone flac decoder does not support that media. Enable back the option Prefer internal decoder (on by default) that should fix this.

  • On the App:
    • Removed the Any media providers
    • Deleted all files in the section "Manage Symfonium genereted files)
  • Closed the App (App info → Force Stop)
  • Opened again, added Navidrome media provider
  • Forced a sync under the tab Filter in the home page

After that, I played the album and on the first error received I grabbed the only log available and uploaded here.

Ok. Option re-enabled now. I’ll do some more tests.

Did some tests but the problem persisted. Disabled the internal decoder and tried each option under “Offload Mode”, but still the playback stop after some point.

Here are the logs.
debug-20230826_142358.zip (7,0,MB)

The internal decoder will always work best, so keep it for the tests.

But the logs are large and cover tons of different unrelated issues.

There’s tons of Plex issues at the start but I guess I should ignore that for now as you only talk about Subsonic.

And at the end for Subsonic you have server / network issues again.

2023-08-25 12:26:36.925 T:ExoCacheManager
Cache error: 06065dc5-3f74-4b98-b36b-91b50c23cc69[false][B:327680-Mr. Bungle/California/07 - Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy.flac] - java.io.IOException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: timeout

2023-08-25 14:54:08.737 T:TranscoderManager
FFProbe: No media information extracted (https://xxx:443/rest/stream.view?id=96615c5101fd9b49756eb27f19637f5d&u=REDACTED&t=REDACTED&s=REDACTED&v=1.13.0&c=Symfonium&f=json) - {
https://xxx:443/rest/stream.view?id=96615c5101fd9b49756eb27f19637f5d&u=REDACTED&t=REDACTED&s=REDACTED&v=1.13.0&c=Symfonium&f=json: Server returned 5XX Server Error reply

2023-08-25 14:55:30.650 T:ExoCacheManager
Cache error: ae0bf0b4-8e5f-4ac9-bcca-274269474365[false][B:327680-Mr. Bungle/California/08 - The Holy Filament.flac] - Response code: 522

2023-08-25 15:45:47.260 T:SubsonicLogger
Request Error: 522

But it seems you have some recurrent server / proxy issue

2023-08-24 18:27:14.015 T:SubsonicLogger 
Request Error: 502 [<html>
<head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head>
<center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center>

Maybe some cloudflare tunnel or proxy issues?

Yes, sorry about that. You can ignore the plex related logs.

Could be. When I’m using remotely I access my Navidrome instance through a VPN tunnel, but the problem is happening internal too, could be something with the reverse-proxy.

I’ll do some tests connecting the App directly bypassing the proxy and will keep the Internal decoder enabled in all tests.

Thank you for the quick reply!

So, even connecting to the server directly, some cached songs are being downloaded corrupted. Other problems are happening too while streaming (over the LAN), where playback stops and jumps to the next in queue (no transcoding).

I’ll try to use Plex for music too, seems to work fine so far. If I encounter problems I’ll open another ticket.

I’d need new logs when not using the proxy as the errors should be different and may help understand.

Did some tests with the same album that I got the error when using behind the proxy and got no playback issues playing the full album.

Did some tweaks in my reverse proxy configuration, increasing the timeout from 30s to 1min30s and also checked the option “Slower Downloads” to use HTTP/1.1 instead of 2.0. Had no trouble streaming over the WLAN.

I’m gonna do some more tests tomorrow streaming without transcoding and also caching offline transcoding to MP3.

“Slower Downloads” have no impact on the playback part.

But if you have playback cache enabled + are offline caching some media all at the same time it can lead to 4 active “downloads” + the connections to push playback state and check server presence. So maybe there’s also limits on that on the proxy causing the issue?

With “Slower Downloads” the offline cache is limited to one http/1.1 connection leaving more http/2 connections for the rest.

Good point. I was downloading other albums while on playback, I’ll check this on the proxy.


No more problems faced about this issue after long playbacks. After increasing the timeout value got no more problems streaming over the LAN or downloading for offline cache transcoding to MP3.

You can close the issue and thanks for the help.

Thanks, I like good news :slight_smile:

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