Bug: Home button doesn't go back once in Library from shortcut

Issue description:

Add Library to Home shortcuts
Press Library in the shortcuts
Press Home at the bottom of the screen
Result: it stays in Library instead of going back Home. Have to use the Back gesture to get back Home – I hope this is not the expectation for how it should work.

The Library button at the bottom of the screen behaves correctly, can switch Library/Home, but not when using Library as a shortcut


Upload description: Symtse

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

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Media provider:

Any provider



… I wonder why I still bother at this point

I’ll send logs if the steps above are not reproducible on your side …

Again that’s not how it works …
You can generate them for sure, I can loose time trying to maybe reproduce.

Multiply by all the users then what I don’t code and just randomly try to reproduce things ???

Uploaded under my username