Browse Files in Android Auto

Feature description:

The feature is to browse files (specifically I’m interested in OneDrive) in Android Auto. The feature would allow you to see all the OneDrive folders (and/or the favorited folders only) and navigate through them. You could play all files in a folder.

An example is CloudPlayer which has this feature.

Problem solved:

I organize my music and audio files by folder and store it in OneDrive. When using Android Auto there is no way for me to navigate the folder structure to find the folder and file I want to play.

Brought benefits:

For me and other users that have organized folder structures, it allows browsing and locating which song to play from the Android Auto interface.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:



The problem is that in Symfonium file mode does not work offline due to how quite a few providers do not expose proper paths.

Can’t you use smart playlists with path filtering to achieve the same need?

I just tried Smart Playlists. Is there a way to configure them to show Artist instead of album?

Both should be displayed.

I see, they show up as metadata. I was hoping they’d show up a navigation layer. That doesn’t really work well for me as I navigate Greek > Artist > Album. If that was available I could make it work but still would prefer folders to avoid the extra AA-specific setup - I’d still use folders in the app or windows.

Well I’ll see if I can build something that works offline for all providers, but no promise.

Thank you, I appreciate the effort in trying!