Browse feature through Bluetooth

Feature description:

Bringing the ability to browse through music list via Bluetooth on vehicle entertainment system instead of have to scroll using mobile device.

Problem solved:

Selecting music via mobile while driving.

Brought benefits:

Not having to use mobile device while driving as is against law so everyone would benefit.

Other application solutions:

Samsung Music app allows me to scroll through my 6000+ songs via Bluetooth connection on my cars entertainment system.

Additional description and context:

If it is implemented if the music/songs can be layed out as they are through the app in the same order and having the ability to scroll through the full list of songs, albums, artists etc

Screenshots / Mockup:

From a quick search it should work by default with what I use.

Please provide logs when connecting to your car so I can see if there’s some specific things.

I have put through the logs when connecting to the vehicle

Seems your device does not properly link BT to the BrowserService, unfortunately not much I can do here as there’s very little documentation after all the changes of Google :frowning: