Broken playback on Subsonic when behind reverse proxy

Issue description:

I get an issue in the latest release (1.4.0) where I’m unable to stream music from my Navidrome (Subsonic) server remotely since the latest update.
I am currently still able to stream music from the exact same server while in my home network.
Reverse Proxy being used:

To reproduce:

  1. Disconnect from home wi-fi & use cellular
  2. Open Symfonium & start playing a non-downloaded song
  3. Song ‘opens’, but doesn’t play.


As attached. I have redacted my home server’s address with $REDACTED_URL$. (5.8 KB)

Your server timeouts during transcoding check navidrome logs.

You can also revert the cellular max bitrate to original (the default) to avoid transcoding.

Right, but I haven’t changed anything on the server or reverse proxy, surely that rules it out?
This has only broken since the latest update 1.4.0.

Well there was no transcoding enabled before 1.4.0 as the changelog says.

Added :
Add support for transcoding for Subsonic (Playback and downloads), please report on this to start removing the beta label of Subsonic support.

So please believe me and check the logs ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies Tolriq, I feel a bit silly right about now.
Turns out Navidrome doesn’t come with an installation of ffmpeg, which it expects to be present for transcoding.
After downloading ffmpeg and adding it to %PATH%, this has resolved the issue.

I guess all my other clients haven’t been transcoding at all and have been taking original file quality (FLAC)… yeesh

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