Bring back shortcut buttons on lyrics view screen

Feature description:

First of all, I love this app so thank you for the great work.

I also love the new additions to the lyrics view screen. But I don’t know why you took away some of the shortcut buttons that used to live at the bottom.

Problem solved:

The bottom bar is still there occupying space so you might as well include shortcuts so we don’t always have to jump in the lyrics settings to adjust things. But most importantly, please bring back the little arrow on the bottom right that opened up the player controls. That one is a must.

Brought benefits:

Brings back the quick access to useful settings without the need to leave the the lyrics screen for quick adjustments. And the little arrow to open player control only when needed and quickly hide it to display full screen lyrics.

Screenshots / Mockup:

This is what it currently looks like which I think is a waste of useful space:

Sorry but no.

There’s now too many settings and it’s split in a settings screen for a reason.

You want a toggle for the buttons, bob wants a toggle for the thumbnail and Gandalf one for the thumbnail, then Donald want buttons for the font size and Zoe for the line space and and and and …

I would understand the decision if the bottom bar was fully gone. But if it’s there, might as well use it. And you can include a toggle in the settings to “Show additional shortcuts” or hide. Problem solved for Bob, Gandalf and even Zoe lol.

But when it comes to the arrow to pull up the player controls, that one is a must in my opinion. Doesn’t make sense to have to enable it just to skip through the track or wtv and then disable it again to have fullscreen lyrics. Please consider it.