Bpm view in media list view

Feature description:

Currently, it is possible to show all kinds of stats I have to the media list view and one can already customize what is displayed. It would be extremely helpful if an option to display bpm would be implemented. And symfonium can already read bpm as far as I could see from the main player section.

Problem solved:

Not a problem but a nice feature addition. Maybe there are more stats that one wants to implement but bpm is something that is very useful there.

Brought benefits:

When using the music player for sports bpm is a very informative stat for selecting music.

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Hmm it seems the file info section has a category bpm but the value of the file is not picked up by symfonium.

No the value is not provided by the provider or is not present in your tags is the most plausible reason :slight_smile:

What provider, what tags?

BPM handling for playlists is usually directly done via smart playlists that are here for that, no need to manually select songs.

I used local files on the phone which have the bpm tag set and one can also see this tag in mp3tag and musicbee.

Nevertheless less it would be a great option for album lists as well. I have a lot of CDs where the bpm is important and would like to see their bpms right away when I select the album. What’s the harm in allowing it to be displayed?

I did not say no so well …

But if the BPM is not seen in the song details then it won’t be seen there either so provide the files and logs and everything for that first else it’s useless.

Okay here is the file that I used for testing with a bpm of 100 set in the BPM tag field (https://file.io/zkPgnjNQoDr1). Logs can be found under OcraCore-BPMListView. Thanks.

MediaStoreTagParser you are not using Symfonium advanced tag parser and default proper value.

Android does not support BPM.

It does work correctly with the Symfonium parser.

perfect, now it works, thanks. Just for those who might be finding this later one has to choose the correct media provider setting (the recommended one) so that bpm recognition works.

So will you implement the list view feature?

I don’t know yet, you’ll see when the tag of this change one side or the other.

You do you, but I hope you decide for more customizability :wink: which is the strenght of symfonium anyway :smiley: Thanks for your work

Just curios. I see that the “implemented” tag has been added to this thread, but I don’t see the feature in the app. Has this feature been added so recently that it is not yet in 10.1.5?

If it’s not in the changelogs then it’s not published yet.