Bookmark and resume

I know there is a resume button but would it be possible to add a bookmark feature for those of us that use the app for audiobooks or podcasts?

Or would it maybe be possible to add the resume button to the player screen as well?

I’m sorry but I do not get the last part of the request.
Whenever you pause playing the position is stored and you can resume at that point, this also cover and works for audio book and podcast.

Sorry i know it wasn’t super clear. It seems to depend on where you select the audio file from. From recently played you get this first screen with resume button.

But when selecting from the playlist for example i dont get always get that screen and it starts the file from the beginning.

And then here there is no way to resume.

Or sometimes I will get this one, which does include the resume button, it’s just not as obvious. This one is also chosen from my playlist so not sure why i get one here and not with the previous file. The prior one is downloaded if it makes any difference?

I guess my point was if its not possible to add a bookmark feature maybe it would be simpler to have the resume option on the actual player screen instead of sometimes getting it on the screen before and sometimes not. I hope that makes things a little more clear.

Once the player is running the resume point is the position of the player :slight_smile:

If you directly select an entry in a playlist then it’s played not resumed, you need to use the resume button at the top of the playlist.

If the button is missing then it’s a bug and I need logs and details about how you reach that state.