Bluetooth playback suddenly stops

Issue description:

When listening to music with my bluetooth earbuds, the audio will stop playing through them, as indicated by the card in my notifications:

Even if I select the “this phone” option in the upper right and pick the bluetooth buds, I cannot get it to change over. I have to kill the app and often disconnect/reconnect my earbuds to get music playing again which is difficult while in a car/biking.

App version - 10.1.5
Bluetooth devices - Nothing Buds Pro, Sony Linkbuds (non s version), Soundcore Liberty Neo

All devices work perfectly with local mp3 files and spotify/podcast apps


Upload description: Frequent bluetooth disconnects

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Reproduction steps:

Not possible - random occurence

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There’s a few different logs the only one with data covers 6 days, it’s impossible to know what happened with such large logs and no details about when it happens.

Your screenshot show a date that is not present in the logs they finish before.

Can this ticket stay open until I have this happen again? It happened twice today so I can only assume it’ll happen again in the next day or so.

Also - should I keep debug mode on until it happens again or do I wait for it to happen and then turn it back on?

You need to have the logs enabled before it happens so the issue is shown there.

But you also need to tell me what happen when in those logs if they are large.

Trying to upload a fresh debug log and zip to this ticket and it only accepts photos?


I used the “Share logs with support” option in the app as well around ~10:15a EST

Use to upload things.

Done! Sorry this process is a bit overwhelming sometimes. Gotta write it all down so I don’t end up fumbling about and causing a delay

Can you describe a little more what happened during those logs?

I can see that the phone connect to the bud at 9:07, then the phone choose to play on the phone itself 1 minute later, then at 9:53 the phone switched again to the bud.

I was listening and had to pause a few times (taking buds out of ear) and then I put the pod back in and it played for a few minutes before breaking a few seconds into a show.

That’s strange I do not see anything in the logs that looks like that.

Was it near start 9h or more near 10h ?

Uploaded new files. I was listening, paused for a few minutes and took out earbuds. Put them back in a few minutes later and resumed playback and heard nothing. About 30 seconds later, I got a harsh “static” pulse and then the app reverted to my phone speakers.

Logs are strange.

I see the buds connected at 10h52.

The automatic pause at 11h17 but no route change or anything.

Then your phone switch to phone output at 11h25 51,

You press play then 30 seconds later the phone select again the phone as output. (Strange since it’s already the output).

At this point I have no idea what your phone do :frowning:

Do you use Symfonium EQ can you try to disable it just in case ?

You can also try to disable Prefer internal decoder.