Bluetooth lyrics getting stuck on 1st or 2nd line

Issue description:

I embedded lyrics on mp3 file, they are working fine in the app but on bluetooth device the lyrics get stuck on 1st or 2nd line. If I seek the song to a different position they shift to new line and get stuck there.


Upload description: Manually embedded lyrics working fine in symfonium app but only 2-3 lines or 1 line is showing in bluetooth display.

Additional information:

Actual command used.

mid3v2 --TXXX “lyrics:[00:21.62] You’re waiting
[00:23.63] On miracles
[00:26.48] We’re bleeding out
[00:33.75] Thoughts and prayers
[00:43.14] Adorable (crisis)
[00:49.80] Like cake in a crisis
[00:55.09] We’re bleeding out
[00:58.72] While you deliberate
[01:08.38] Bodies accumulate
[01:16.05] Sit and talk like Jesus
[01:20.72] Try walking like Jesus
[01:25.31] Sit and talk like Jesus, talk like Jesus
[01:30.82] Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
[01:33.39] Get out of my way
[01:34.47] Don’t be the problem, be the solution
[01:59.65] Don’t be the problem, be the solution
[02:04.84] Don’t be the problem, be the solution
[02:09.01] Problem, problem, problem, problem
[02:13.86] Faith without works is-
[02:18.50] Talk without works is-
[02:23.38] Faith without works is
[02:28.17] Dead, dead, dead, dead
[02:32.18] Sit and talk like Jesus
[02:36.94] Try walking like Jesus
[02:41.69] Sit and talk like Jesus
[02:46.52] Try walking like Jesus
[02:51.25] Try braving the rain
[02:56.06] Try lifting the stone
[03:00.21] Try extending a hand
[03:05.65] Try walking your talk
[03:08.75] Or get the fuck out of my way
[03:15.63]” ‘18 - A Perfect Circle - TalkTalk.mp3’

Reproduction steps:

Embed synced lyrics using below command.

mid3v2 --TXXX “lyrics:[00:21.62] You’re waiting” ‘18 - A Perfect Circle - TalkTalk.mp3’

Play song over bluetooth to a device which has display to show song title.
Only 1st line or upto 2 3 lines will appear post that it will get stuck on that line.
Seeking will cause the display to start showing the new line but then it will be stuck on that.

Those lyrics will work fine on symfonium app on phone.

Note: I have added lyrics to mp3 file myself, one song which is also in the debug log is lavos which came with embedded lyrics which is showing correctly.

I know I might have done something incorrectly so any pointers in fixing it will be helpful


Media provider:





If it works inside the app then it’s probably the OS or the device that fails to refresh if too much updates.

There’s not much I can do as the option is more an hack than anything else.

thanks for the update just one last thing.
I have tested it on two devices one song which is also present in the logs “Lavos” for which lyrics are working fine on both devices so maybe I was thinking I might have embedded something incorrectly any pointers on debugging further. As the song Lavos works every time correctly.

The logs don’t goes down far enough to know.

If the lyrics are properly synced in the app then the option does the same thing bi difference.
Maybe check if your phone pause the app in background.

let me know will add more logs if you need some specific tests I can also do the same just let me know what all you want me to test.
Or if possible could you share one mp3 file which you know works, will try to test it and if it works will start checking what is the difference between the file as the one I mentioned lavos was a flac file with embedded lyrics. The ones I embedded are all mp3 files.

I will also disabled the battery optimization and check but the issue is one song is always showing up to date lyrics but the others don’t so am thinking it might not be due to battery optimization.

And is there any event or something in log which shows this bluetooth track name update, if yes let me know where to check so that I can verify the logs to ensure that I can capture those events as when I checked the logs I was able to find only lyrics and queue update information only.

I do not use the function and as said there’s no logs that goes down to the line level.

Are those files showing sync lyrics inside the app? (I mean correctly move)

Yes all those files are showing lyrics inside the app. They work fine for sometime but if I show mini player in the lyrics and start changing songs after 4 or 5 songs the lyrics scrolling gets out of sync with the timestamp. If I flip the phone to landscape the scrolling again gets out of sync with the timestamp.

If I stop and replay the song the scrolling lyrics are correctly synced again so I am still confused have I put embedded some rubbish which might be causing this as I automated the process and ran it for multiple files with bash.

I tested one flac file as well as soon as I embed lyrics to file metadata, it lags in bluetooth lyrics so maybe I might be missing something in metadata file, will try to check if any other tags are present in the file which works correctly.

If the UI goes out of sync then it’s something else and not related to BT.

Join the beta on Play Store and see if the lyrics still goes out of sync in the UI.

Am already enrolled in beta.

If you can give me the log upload link again I can attach two test files as well out of which one is working and other is not.


I do not have BT device to test, I can only ensure the UI works.

Have uploaded but if you don’t have bluetooth device then you might not see any issues. Well in that case let me try to debug from my end and try some permutations and combinations as why it works on one file and doesn’t work on the other.

If you can check the tags and let me know if anything you find which can affect this functionality that will be helpful.

I know I’m not native English but still :

The function works the same as the UI. There’s nothing different to do between that hack and the UI.

So if the UI works correctly for both files, there’s not much more you can do.

Unrelated but the non working file have broken tags.

The main difference between both files is that one lyrics have . and : and the other none of those. They maybe break your BT device.

Could you please elaborate on the difference in lyrics one having a . and other having a : as I cannot see this difference.
Below are the snippets for your reference.

Not Working


I started testing again as soon as I woke up and I find it pretty random, it is working on some songs whereas on other it’s not working at all.

Have attached more logs along with screen capture.
You can actually see in the video what’s the issue. First song which I played worked flawlessly then others just don’t. I am not able to find the pattern as all of the songs in the capture are the ones in which I have embedded the lyrics and it works for some and doesn’t work for most.

debug_video.mp4 – Showing the screen capture of symfonium app and bluetooth device.
debug.log – logs captured for whatever is being shown in debug_video.mp4

You don’t see the . and the : in the actual lyrics ?

But again if the Symfonium UI works then it is out of Symfonium control… What you see in the GUI is set in the media session, what happens next between the OS and your device is out of control. I don’t know how I can make it more clear.

You don’t see the . and the : in the actual lyrics ?
Ok in the actual lyrics yes I am able to see but after resyncing it several times the lyrics in not_working started to work but now is not working in other songs.

I know it is clear if works in app but not on external devices it’s out of your control. But as the bluetooth lyrics is a feature only available in this app thus was trying to make it work. If you can see the video captured it’s working for some songs, but leave it if there is nothing which can be done you can close it, I will try finding something else to display lyrics in car.
Thanks for the support.

If the UI works then yes nothing I can do.