Better padding and little else

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It’s not really a feature, but it would be nice if they improved a few little things in the playback screen.

Remove some of the text, add some padding to the image, rounded Chromecast icon, improve the colors taken in line with the Material You for background and buttons, bigger playback button and color just the one, while the others keep them all the same.
The ones below closer together.
Perhaps put the option to add text with the album

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There’s already quite a few options with different designs for those screens, but I’m currently gathering feedback to rebuild them.

Those screens needs to be able to support many different things and form factors like small phones, foldables, tablets, landscape, resizable windows, …

If you are a designer and have some time I’ll definitively need some help, but it’s a lot more complicated than just tuning one sample screen for a large phone portrait only mode.

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I know, unfortunately I know very little about programming, I know more about graphics programs.
Anyway if it helps I got ispitration from a youtube music client in material 3 on github.
z-huang/InnerTune: A Material 3 YouTube Music client for Android (

I don’t need programming help, but mockups for all the cases and settings and everything to decide the base designs and blocks and configuration for each blocks.

Oh ok, then I can gladly help
Look for me on Telegram: Contact @babrr

That’s where opinions enter the chat.
Personally I think almost every change you’ve proposed is a downgrade.

I’d rather have one more text field available so I could for example see the release year and the file bitrate at the same time.

I spend a lot of time searching high res images. Displaying less of them defeats the purpose for me.

Don’t care but I think the other apps I use don’t use a circle like in your mockup, so that would be inconsistent between apps.

I don’t see the point as you can also tap the cover to start/stop playback, that ought to be big enough of a target.

I don’t know what you mean by that.

When I get out of work I’ll get back to you on all the points, some things you said like bitrate etc. could be an option that could be turned on. Like secondary information on-off and then select which one to put.


It already works like that, there’s many things configurable, like the rating bar the volume bar, 2 other lines, …

This is a complex subject with complex solutions.

Ahahahah, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t seen it. I was looking for it inside interface, instead it was outside. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

First of all, it is not my intention to ruin or change your experience, or the experience of others.
As the app description says: “simple, modern, clean, beautiful, feature-rich.”, mine was just a suggestion to bring the app in line with material 3.

I didn’t see that the now playing change was out of interface, already with those settings I got a very acceptable result. Removed the info, removed the buttons below, added more padding to the album.

The only thing I can suggest now is to color with the primary color only the primary button (play/pause is the thing we mainly do with music). And for the background try to use the color that is in the line of secondary with the number 35 (material theme builder).
For the chromecast button, I only collapsed the one with the filter and chromecast.
Desktop 2024.06.24 -

In that case this was mainly a misunderstanding. I thought you were aware of the customization options and proposed a reduction of them towards the minimalistic look you seem to prefer. The more customization, the merrier.

I know, last time we discussed this I think your argument against adding even more options was that it would not work for some low res devices or views (which is a valid argument).
Personally I’d love to have the year and the audio specs below each other as I don’t use the rating or volume bar, but that’s just me. It’s fine as it is. :smiley:

I think is a genius idea what GoneMad player did: added the ability to build your own custom now playing Metadata design by editing / importing a xml. Possibilities are endless.