Better handling of multiple formats of the same album

Feature description:

I have some albums in multiple formats. i.e. standard flac and high res flac.

When I select an album every version shows up lumped together so songs are repeated.

Is there any way to resolve this so they show up as independent versions of the same album?

Problem solved:

Multiple formats of the same album are currently lumped together as the same album.

Brought benefits:

Easier to listen to a single album.

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What provider ?

For Symfonium parser by default unless changed the albums are split by folder so can’t happen if your album songs are in separated folders.

Sorry this is Emby, yes they are in different folders. Maybe I should just exclude high res files from this emby library?

Then the album split is done by Emby and you need to see what solution they offer.

Symfonium can’t do a split from the data Emby send. If it say it’s one album then I must believe what they say.

Good to know, thanks for the quick response. Do you have a preferred provider for your app all things considered?

As of now there’s still no perfect server.

GitHub - epoupon/lms: Lightweight Music Server. Access your self-hosted music using a web interface. from @itm have most the things I need and is working on the few rough edges.

Navidrome will catch-up later.

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Thanks I’ll look into it.