Better Downloads (organized media folder)

Right now all the albums, artists and musics you download (not to be confused with offline cache) are all bundled together in the same symfonik folder…it’s a mess!

Problem - If you want to delete a downloaded album you have to:
A) use another music app
B) use your file browser and select every song from the album. Those will be mixed with other songs from other albums…good luck


A) Add media deletion option in song/albuns/artists etc…Bonus points to allow for deletion of hosted media!
Change the save to download folder path from

or even better

There’s no plans to add deletion of the media, the download to download folder is just an helper function if you need to share the music with someone for example or things like that.
To manage the files offline cache is the only proper way.

With that said, yes I can probably improve the files locations.

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Glad this has been implemented so quickly! Thread can be closed :smiley:
I’d love to test it myself, but my trial is over, I don’t think the 7 days are over (bug?)

Just need to update my phone and try it on android 12 and if all works…deal!

Yes trial already over is not normal please provide the trial Id visible in that purchase page so I can check.

I re-installed the app and it no longer shows trial expired
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-17 at 18.00.52
Now I can’t redeem those beta codes :smiling_face_with_tear: but it works again :grin:


ps: you should inform people you made yatse. That’s a huge future_updates_seal_of_approval right there…that being said. I’m buying this app